Do it Yourself or Hire a Professional?

Beautiful handmade tiles can bring a unique, personal and artistic touch to your home or business. Some projects are suitable for the do-it-yourselfer”, including: mounting tiles for a wall hanging, home projects on a table top, planter or picture frame, and even a small kitchen backsplash. These projects can be done with planning, proper preparation, and the use of quality materials. The web site offers how-to-tips and links to consultants who are available for technical advice. Many projects that require permanence are best done by professionals. When considering tile for kitchens, baths, fireplaces, foyers, interior or exterior, residential or commercial, here are a few questions to ask a professional designer, architect and or a tile contractor.

•What is the best layout for my space?

•How much tile do I need?

•Do I need trim pieces?

•How is the substrate prepared?

•Can the tile be walked on?

•Can the tile be installed outside?

•Are there any plumbing or electrical considerations?

•Is there a difference in the quality of setting, grouting and sealing materials?

•Are the products and labor guaranteed to last?

•Will project be done in a timely manner?

•How do I maintain my tile installation?

Handmade tile, properly installed will provide lasting beauty, years of functionality, and durability to any project for your home or business. The benefits of paying for a consultation and or a quality tile installation will more than pay for itself in the long run.